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I’m Marlies, a woman on a mission to inspire people and organisations to build a genuine connection through the power of clear and inclusive communication.

I use training, advice, and practical hands-on work to give you more insight into your communication efforts so you can successfully increase its effectiveness.  

My approach is interactive, with a focus on sustainable solutions and results. 

Through my work, I want to contribute to a world where everyone understands, respects and builds on each other’s different perspectives. I believe that by digging deeper and going beyond cultural conditioning, it’s possible to create real connections and a better world.

My themes? Diversity & inclusion, climate justice and human rights.

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Storytelling & writing

Do you want to make your communication more effective and inclusive? In a way that your audience fully identifies with your message? Your solution could be storytelling! Curious how?

Communications advice

Are you using a one-size-fits-all approach in your communication? Then your target audience may find it difficult to identify with your message. But no worries, I can help you out.

Communications training

Are you looking for insights into different communication needs and the skills to address these positively? Cool, I can train and coach you to communicate inclusively in diverse situations.


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