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The need for effective, engaging, and clear communication is ever-growing. If you want people on board, both professionally and personally, they should understand what you are trying to say to them, right?

This can be quite a challenge. To effectively communicate with others, you need to have a connection. Without this connection, it doesn’t matter what you communicate and how… your message will likely miss the mark.

Do you find it challenging to find this connection in your communication? That’s where I can help you. 

I’m Marlies, a woman on a mission to inspire people and organisations to build a genuine connection through the power of effective, engaging, and clear communication.

I use training, advice, and practical hands-on work to give you more insight into your communication efforts so you can successfully increase its effectiveness. My approach is interactive, with a clear focus on sustainable solutions and results. Do you believe in the power of communication and curious to see what I can do for you? Let’s grab a (virtual) coffee!


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Storytelling & writing

Do you want to make your communication more effective and engaging? Looking for that right tone of voice, so your audience fully connects and identifies with your message?

Cool, because that’s exactly what your audience wants too. And your solution could be storytelling. Curious how?

Communications advice

Are you using a one-size-fits-all approach in your communication? Then your target audience may find it difficult to identify with your message. Because each situation requires a unique focus and communication approach.

Having trouble finding that magical communication formula? I can help!

Communications training

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your communication? Are you looking for insights into different communication needs and the skills to positively address these needs?

Stay tuned, because I train and coach you to communicate effectively and respectfully in diverse situations.


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