I had a great time working with Marlies. For our collaboration, Marlies had a supervisory role into guiding me on how to write our first communication strategy for our organisation, EuroPris.

First, she did thorough research on our organisation. This made it easier to get all the communication issues to the surface. She guided me on how to do ground research and showed me how to organise the document.

With this custom-made collaboration, I learned a lot about our communications. Since it was my first time drafting such a document, this kind of learning-by-doing was much better than taking a course. Marlies shared her knowledge and made brilliant suggestions on how to move forward in our communications.

I recommend Marlies to anyone who needs an eye-opener in their communications. Lastly, but most importantly, she is always very positive and pleasant to work with, with a great eye for detail.

Julia Ilyina on LinkedIn

Merel Homan


Working with Marlies is a delight! She brings energy, a positive outlook and has a talent for thinking in possibilities rather than problems. If she doesn’t know something, she will investigate and find out.

This inquisitive curiosity allows her to quickly fit in and make a valuable contribution. Within a very short time, Marlies became a valued and indispensable member of our team, and she helped solve various communication challenges.

She also gave a series of writing training and wrote a style guide for us, which we still rely on every day. And although she is no longer a permanent member of our team, we are very happy to still be able to use her knowledge, expertise and amazing writing talent.​

Merel Homan on LinkedIn

Jessica Brukx


The first time I spoke with Marlies, I noticed how she really connected. And that's exactly what I like! She pays attention to the other person, reveals herself, asks, listens and makes a lasting impression in just a few minutes. That is why I still remembered her many months after that phone call. I immediately thought of her when an interim assignment came up that I felt would be perfect for her.

Marlies is an open, energetic professional, no-nonsense, decisive, a fast and diligent worker and always ready to help others. And what really appeals to me is her international (life) experience, which gives her a practically limitless mindset that she uses to effortlessly builds bridges. In both international and Dutch organisations, colleagues and management were quick to appreciate her. I truly enjoy working with her.

Jessica Bruxx on LinkedIn

Stuart Packer

Storytelling Centre

Marlies and I worked together as storytelling trainers in the West Bank in Palestine.

She brings an incredible natural vivacious energy to any situation. One-on-ones are wonderful with Marlies as she is totally present, and her easy curiosity brings a deep, joyful focus.

Within groups, she flexes from becoming a positive influence as one of the community, to easily stepping into the holistic shoes of leadership.

Put simply, Marlies is the smile on humanity.

Stuart Packer on LinkedIn

Sander Oudbier


Together, Marlies and I worked on several mobility projects at AMS Institute. We clicked right away and what a relief to notice that she seizes everything with both hands. Right from the start, Marlies is on top of everything, reads up on things and gets back to you when something is not clear or has not been thought through well enough.

What I liked most were the good conversations and her experience in various projects, which really contributed to our final results. Her critical questions, but above all her enthusiastic and inspiring attitude helped enormously!

I really enjoyed working with her and hope to work with her more often!

Sander Oudbier on LinkedIn

Debby Dröge

AMS Institute

Marlies is a whirlwind with a captivating energetic personality. She fills a room with her positive energy and seamlessly knows to combine intuition and decisiveness, making her a clear and goal-oriented communicator.

Her work signature is her smile, which makes her a welcome addition to every team, and a natural leader and enabler of positive change, motivating and helping others.​

Debby Dröge on LinkedIn

Amina Onsy

Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research

I worked with Marlies during the SIETAR Europe 2019 Congress, where she led a group of event assistants. She did an incredible job in briefing, assigning roles and supervising everyone, while also being an active participant in the Congress.

One could always see Marlies communicating and working with everyone around the entire event, always exuding incredible energy with a beautiful smile on her face.

It was honestly a great pleasure to be part of a team led by this extraordinary strong woman.

Amina Onsy on LinkedIn

Ilja Tenholter


Marlies is a hugely driven, sharp and engaging professional. Her passion for inclusion is expressed in her work, text and reflection on the subject matter.

She is not afraid to ask difficult questions or seek clarification.

With her warm charisma, she knows how to make a connection from genuine interest, a trait that opens many doors within communication.

Ilja Tenholter on LinkedIn

Serkan Babayiğit


My first encounter with Marlies happened during corona when many meetings took place online.

Yet, with her warm personality, Marlies inspired me from the very first moment.

With her creativity, hands-on mentality and her communicative skills, she volunteered to provide professional guidance to students in Rotterdam.

After participating in her work placement training, these young people know what it means to work as a trainer.

Serkan Babayiğit on LinkedIn

Maike Coenen

Language Partners

I like working with Marlies because our trainees experience her as a pleasant and competent trainer.

They always return from their training filled with enthusiasm. It’s also nice to work with Marlies because communication runs smoothly, and she always finds a solution, no matter how complicated the question may be.

Maike Coenen on LinkedIn

Anita van Stel

Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Marlies and I worked together on the final publication of the NWO research programme URSES.

You can rely on Marlies: she writes beautiful English texts and always delivers before the deadline. She really dives into the subject matter because she wants to understand what she writes so that readers can also grasp it. Marlies excels in wonderful communication!

Anita van Stel on LinkedIn

Sue van de Giessen

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment

Marlies is a friendly consultant who listens carefully to all parties involved. She asks the right questions, looks for the different perspectives and underlying motives and is persistent.

If she is ever unsure of anything, she will pause at the right time and ask for clarification.

An approachable, friendly person, who is a joy to work with.

Sue van de Giessen on LinkedIn