Early bird catches the worm: how waking up early changes your life

Waking up at the crack of dawn and enjoying it? It seems impossible. Especially if you suffer from a little voice in your head in the morning that says you can stay in bed a bit more. Because it is still dark outside. Because your bed is warm and your bedroom floor is cold. Or because you think that sleeping longer is just necessary. However, if you manage to master that voice, waking up early will soon become a habit. A habit that doesn’t take much effort anymore. And that can change your life.

Wake up in a good mood and be super productive

Waking up early has been my thing for years. I always worked from home and soon noticed that I managed to do more in the morning than later in the day. Still, I was not happy with the routine I had developed: cup of coffee, laptop opened, ready, set, go!

Until I read the book Miracle Morning. The writer, Hal Elrod, describes a morning ritual that ensures that you wake up in a good mood every morning and are super productive. This Miracle Morning has resulted in me not waking up at 6am, but at 5am nowadays. “FIVE AM?!” Yes, really, 5am. And it does not bother me. Just because I’ve developed a regular morning routine, which I enjoy to the fullest ánd that helps me grow on a personal level too. Double profit!

How does the Miracle Morning work

First of all: buy an old-fashioned alarm clock. Put it on the other side of your room so that you have to leave your bed when it goes off. Walk straight to the kitchen and drink a large glass of water. Did you know that your body is very much dehydrated after a few hours of sleep? Furthermore, a glass of water on an empty stomach is good for your digestion.

Sit quietly and meditate for about 10 minutes. Meditation has positive effects on body and mind and it’s said that you get more out of it if you do it on an empty stomach. Meditating in the morning is also nice because your head is not yet “polluted” with information from everyday life. So close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. And relax.

Send your life in the direction you want

Then you read your affirmations. Out loud. Short, positive sentences of things you want to achieve. Affirmation comes from the Latin word affirmare and means to reinforce or fortify. By repeating them on a daily basis you influence your subconscious. It’s said that you can direct your life in the direction you want.

After that it’s time for visualization. A proven tool to realize your wishes and dreams. You close your eyes and consciously form images of a realizable goal, using all your senses. It’s important that you really believe that you’re already reached your goal. What do you hear? What do you taste? And especially: how does it feel with this goal reached?

Quite a boost for your metabolism

Next you start moving. According to research, you give your metabolism quite a boost by starting the day with sports. Too cold to run outside? Roll out your yoga mat or do one hundred jumping jacks. The idea is to get your blood pumping.

After an active 10 minutes, you can crash on the couch with the newspaper, a study book or a stack of articles. It doesn’t t matter what you read, as long it’s educational. Preference is given to self-help books, because they are written in positive, stimulating language. Good for the morning and for the tone of the rest of your day.

Finally, grab a pen and a notepad. It’s time to write down some things. Did you know that that’s also good for your health? Research shows that it helps against stress and depression. You can write down what your plans are for that day. Or you make a list of things that you are grateful for. Start a diary, a blog or a book. Everything is possible during your personal Miracle Morning.

Full of positive energy to start the rest of the day

Less than an hour later you are ready for a well-deserved breakfast. While the rest of the world was still sound asleep, you’ve already worked on your personal development. You can start the rest of your day, full of positive energy.

Are you an early bird or do you hate to wake up early? What does your morning look like? Is there anything missing from this list according to you? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it!